A film by Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine

Cinematography – Ila Bêka
Sound – Louise Lemoine
Film Editing – Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine
Assistant Editor – Tiros Niakaj
Colorist & Second Unit – Luca Immesi
Sound Mix – Walter Fuji – Lo Studio
Line Producer – Marco Mona
Production Assistant – Sara Gardella


Annalisa Belloni
Damiano Bisoffi
Armend Bujupi
Ilie Cojocari
Viorel Covaci
Pietro Creta
Riccardo Cungi
Barki Dahou
Eldridge Dominguez
Alla Mohamed Eid Abd Farag
Michele Facchetti
Maria Luisa Gregori
Luca Groff
Neil Harper
Paul Holman
Lavdim Krasniqi
Shpejtim Krasniqi
Davide Magrì
Mohamed Mohamed
Samuel Moro
Alessandro Mosca
Alessio Mosca
Mehdi Nasir
Marco Perretta
Federico Pompignoli
Claudio Redina
Angelo Roveda
Adriano Spoldi
Claudio Tinti
Leonardo Toglia
Angelo Torchia
Andrea Varvello
Gurau Vasile
Niccolò Zanoli
Stefano Zanon


Spiriti 01
White Shapes
Gabriella Zen
Flipper Srl, Musique et Music

Spiriti 02
Gabriella Zen
Flipper Srl, Musique et Music

Spiriti 03
String Quartet n.15 in A Minor, Op. 132
Ludwig Van Beethoven
Com Events

Spiriti 05
Gabriella Zen
Flipper Srl, Musique et Music

Spiriti 06
The Singing Cuckoo
Lehar Janos
Musique et Music

Spiriti 08
Dancing Dummy
Julien Baril
Musique et Music
Production: Beka&Partners


Ila Bêka (Italian)

He trained as an architect with a degree from the IUAV of Venice and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Paris-Belleville.

Louise Lemoine (French)

She studied cinema and art history at the Sorbonne in Paris.

Based between France and Italy, they have been collaborating for the past 10 years. They mainly focus their research on experimenting new narrative and cinematographic forms in relation to architecture. Their films are being shown in some of the main international art and architecture centers.

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