A video project by Dimitra Louana Marlanti for Fondazione Prada


“Intersections”, a video project conceived by Dimitra Louana Marlanti and commissioned by Fondazione Prada, is focused on Torre. Unveiled on April 2018, the building expanded and completed Fondazione’s Milan campus. The video explores Torre’s fourth dimension represented by time, as well as its relationship to and impact on the surroundings. The use of multiple screens allows to perceive the same space at different moments of the day, combining specific weather and light conditions to the architectural elements and the design details of the building. The choice to use ambience sounds contributes to evoke the atmosphere and the human dimension of the internal environments. “Intersections” puts together conflicting points of view, from and towards its context, documenting the projection and the reflection of the building on urban landscape.

Directed by Dimitra Louana Marlanti
Music by Jean Studio
Dop Francesca Pavoni
Production Margherita Minneci
1st Camera Ludovico Watson
2nd Camera Vasilis Marlantis