@ Kairos Film
Hour: 18:00


Year: 1965–66

Duration: 87’

Cinematographer: Edgar Reitz, Thomas Mauch

Film editor: Beate Mainka-Jellinghaus

With Alexandra Kluge, Günther Mack, Hans Korte, Alfred Edel

Production: Kairos Film, Alexander Kluge

Film featured during the exhibition “The Boat Is Leaking. The Captain Lied” (Fondazione Prada, Venice)

A young girl, Anita G., steals a warm jumper; the thing is supposed to keep her warm. After serving her sentence, she makes several attempts to start a new life. After zigging and zagging in an attempt to escape, she ends up in prison again. Her
parents were picked up one morning during the Third Reich. She comes from East Germany.