Orson Welles in Citizen Kane. ''Photo Album/ Scala, Firenze''Courtesy Rko 2015.
Hour: 7PM

Directed by

Orson Wellles


Orson Welles
Herman J. Mankiewicz


Gregg Toland


Robert Wise

Production Designer

Van Nest Polglase
Perry Ferguson

Costume Designer

Edward Stevenson

Special Effects

Vernon L. Walker, a.s.c.
Musica Music
Bernard Herrmann
Suono Sound
Bailey Fesler
James G. Stewart

Main Cast

Orson Welles
Joseph Cotten
Everett Sloane
Dorothy Comingore
Agnes Moorehead
Ray Collins
Ruth Warrick
William Alland
George Coulouris
Paul Stewart
Philip Van Zandt
Fortunio Bonanova
Gus Schilling


Mercury Productions, RKO Radio Pictures

35mm, B/N (DCP)


Original English version with Italian subtitles

World Sales

Lobster Films


Charles Foster Kane is the child of a poor family. When he is still a young boy, his mother inherits a large sum of money, allowing Kane to move away and get an education appropriate for his future position. Kane is exceptionally bright, strong-willed and has a volcanic temper. Strikingly ambitious, he throws himself into journalism and before long has taken over no less than thirty-seven newspapers. He decides to go into politics, but an adversary discredits his private life. Kane divorces his wife, who dies along with their only child in a car acci¬dent, then remarries, taking an obscure singer as his new wife. He tries to force her on the public, but to no avail, even though he has set up a splendid theater specifically for her. Kane builds a castle and fills it with priceless art, retiring there to live with his wife, who can’t stand the splendid, ornate solitude of the castle and ultimately abandons him there. Kane dies alone, longing for the innocent games and child play of his youth.

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