16 Dec 2018

5 p.m.

The Fondazione Prada Accademia dei Bambini presents the closing event for the series of workshops by MATITA, a group of rhythmic drawers.
The Fondazione Prada Sud gallery will host a concert-performance where crayons will become musical instruments. Transformed into the notes of a score, a series of lines, circles and squares will create a visual and acoustic dialogue between signs and melodies that will be accompanied by an improvisation of a live piano. MATITA group members – Francesca Giomo, Fabio Bonelli, and Antonello Raggi – will conduct an orchestra of sixteen participants, both children and adults.

Age: +4 years
Children must be accompanied by an adult.
Public: max. 60 people.
Booking is strictly required.
The event is free of charge.
Sold out