Photo Francesco Radino. Courtesy Fondazione Prada
5 May – 18 Jun 1993

This exhibition presents, in chronological order, some of the most significant works by Eliseo Mattiacci (1940, Cagli, Pesaro, Italy), an exponent of Arte Povera who made his mark right from the beginning through an original use of raw materials (metals, glass, sand, flexible tubing and magnets), and made the operability of empty space and a constant search for equilibrium the foundation of his art.

Alba, Giorno, Tramonto, Notte (1975) in steel, crystal, copper and turned iron introduces Porta della Luna (1992-1993) and Porta del Sole (1990-1993), which testify to Mattiacci’s interest in thresholds as the emblematic keys to space. In the large work Equilibrio compresso (1993), created utilizing an iron sphere and a 13-meter beam-rail, the artist inserts elements of tension at their limit, as well as a fundamental sense of risk.

The artworks clearly render the need to grapple with stresses more than with materials, with micro- and macroscopic invisible dynamics more than with the classical spatial frequencies that regulate movement. As with space, even emptiness appears to be the result of active relationships that seem to reciprocally cancel one another out.

Venue of the exhibition: Fondazione Prada, via Maffei 2, Milan