Mina and Raffaella Carrà in Milleluci (1974).''Courtesy AGI''

3.30 PM MILLELUCI – Episode 1 and 2
6.15 PM MILLELUCI – Episode 3 and 4
8.30 PM Intervention by Francesco Vezzoli
9.30 PM MILLELUCI – Episode 5 and 6
12:00 AM MILLELUCI – Episode 7 and 8

Inspired by Umberto Eco’s famous 1961 essay on the celebrity Mike Bongiorno, Francesco Vezzoli seeks to analyse one of the greatest and most fundamental female figures in Italian television. From the timid yet mischievous “Tuca Tuca” (1971) to the sensual “A Far l’Amore Comincia Tu” (1976), and from there to the explicit “Tanti Auguri” (1978) and the reassuringly campy “Ballo Ballo” (1982), “The Phenomenology of Raffaella Carrà” – among prime-time variety shows, unforgettable music hits, dance routines, and sparkly costumes – aims to reinterpret the identity of “Italy’s most beloved showgirl” in relation to the evolution of sexual mores that swept the entire nation.
In collaboration with Luca Corbetta and Andrea Giannone.

written by Roberto Lerici, Antonello Falqui
directed by Antonello Falqui
musical direction Gianni Ferrio
presenters Mina e Raffaella Carrà
Programma Nazionale
Episode 1 (La radio / Radio), broadcast on 16.03.1974
Episode 2 (Il café chantant / Café-Chantant), broadcast on 23.03.1974
Episode 3 (La rivista / Revue), broadcast on 30.03.1974
Episode 4 (La televisione / Television), broadcast on 06.04.1974
Episode 5 (L’avanspettacolo / Avanspettacolo), broadcast on 20.04.1974
Episode 6 (Il cabaret / Cabaret), broadcast on 27.04.1974
Episode 7 (Il musical / Musical), broadcast on 04.05.1974
Episode 8 (L’operetta, il circo e la commedia musicale / Operetta, Circus, and Musical Comedy), broadcast on 11.05.1974