Harrison Ford in 'Frantic'. Courtesy Park Circus
Hour: 9.45PM

Directed by

Roman Polanski


Roman Polanski
Gérard Brach


Witold Sobocinski


Sam O’Steen

Production Designer

Pierre Guffroy

Costume Designer

Anthony Powell


Ennio Morricone


Jean Goudier

Main Cast

Harrison Ford
Betty Buckley
Emmanuelle Seigner
Djiby Soumare
Dominique Virton
Gérard Klein
Stéphane D’Audeville
Laurent Spielvogel
Alain Doutey
Yorgo Voyagis


Warner Bros. Pictures, The Mount Company

USA, France
35mm, COL. (archive copy provided by the British Film Institute)


Original English language version with Italian subtitles

World Sales

Park Circus Limited


Doctor Richard Walker and his wife Sondra travel to Paris for a medical convention. But Sondra disappears shortly after they arrive at the hotel, and when the local authorities prove unhelpful, Richard is forced to search for her himself. After he tracks down Michelle, the girl who has brought the luggage that was accidentally exchanged for Sondra’s luggage, Michelle joins him in the search. Richard discovers that the other suitcase contains a nuclear device, and now he has it. After searching high and low through a crepuscular, hostile Paris, the two protagonists discover that the secret services are involved in Sondra’s disappearance. They finally manage to arrange an “exchange,” but something goes wrong and people start shooting. The story reaches its dramatic conclusion when Richard’s wife is freed, but Michelle is gravely wounded.

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