21 Sep 2018 12:00

Nation: U.S.A.
Directed by Charles Burnett
Main cast: Henry G. Sanders, Kaycee Moore, Charles Bracy
Year: 1978
Length: 81′
Language: Original English version with Italian subtitles
Version: DCP, Italian distribution by Milestone Films and Reading Bloom.

The debut film by writer / director Charles Burnett, set in the popular Afro-American area of Watts, Los Angeles, about a man determined to keep his family and soul intact while putting in long, debilitating hours at slaughterhouse. Stan must suspend his emotions to continue working at a job he finds repugnant, and then he finds he has little sensitivity for the family he works so hard to support.
The movie brings the unadorned fervor of Neorealism to the African- American community. Made in 1977, it was only released theatrically in 2007. If Spike Lee’s films are the equivalent of rap music – rapids, explosives, desecrators – Burnett’s cinema is a good, old, metropolitan blues. In 1990 the Library of Congress recognized the film as a national treasure and positioned it among the first fifty films to enter the National Film Registry for its historical value.