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Hour: 18:30

Original title: La vie devant soi, 1977

Director: Moshé Mizrahi

Scriptwriter: Moshé Mizrahi

Cast: Simone Signoret, Michal Bat-Adam, Samy Ben-Youb, Claude Dauphin

Produced by: Lira Films

105’, col.


Original French version with Italian subtitles, 35mm copy supplied by Cinémathèque Suisse

The film narrates the ability of a young boy named Momo to empathically share the experiences, qualities and physical and moral challenges faced by Madame Rosa, thereby creating a deep relationship of mutual love. Madame Rosa cheers children up with puppets. The umbrella-puppet called Arturo in particular represents for Momo an animated object charged with emotions, which he takes with him everywhere like a friend. Monsieur Hamil introduces Momo to literature and teaches him the wisdom of life. When Madame Rosa dies, Nadine – an editor in a film laboratory – and Dr Ramon offer Momo a new family and the chance to get in touch once more with his feelings, and thus to begin a new life.