John Finch in 'Macbeth'. Courtesy Photofest
Hour: 7PM

Directed by

Roman Polanski

From the Tragedy by

William Shakespeare


Roman Polanski
Kenneth Tynan


Gilbert Taylor


Alistair McIntyre

Production Designer

Wilfrid Shingleton
Bryan Graves

Costume Designer

Anthony Mendleson

Special Effects

Ted Samuels


The Third Ear Band


Simon Kaye
Jonathan Bates

Main Cast

Jon Finch
Francesca Annis
Martin Shaw
Terence Bayler
John Stride
Nicholas Selby
Stephan Chase
Paul Shelley
Maisie MacFarquhar
Elsie Taylor
Noelle Rimmington
Noel Davis
Richard Pearson


Caliban Films, Playboy Productions

Great Britain
35mm, COL. (35mm, COL.
(DCP – restored by Sony Pictures Entertainment, 2014)


Original English language version with Italian subtitles

World Sales

Park Circus Limited


Returning from battle, Macbeth and Banquo, both generals under Duncan, the King of Scotland, meet three witches who salute Macbeth as lord of Cawdor and then as king, and salute Banquo as the progenitor of the royal line. Informed of the prophecy, Lady Macbeth forces her husband to kill Duncan and become king. Fearing Banquo will betray him, Macbeth has him killed as well, but Banquo returns as a ghost to haunt him. After the witches tell him that he cannot be defeated by any man born of a woman and that he will reign as long as Birman forest stays put, Macbeth is attacked by Duncan’s son Malcolm and Macduff, whose wife and children Macbeth has killed. Driven mad, Lady Macbeth kills herself while Macbeth, after having seen his enemies’ armies advance on the castle using tree branches and leaves as camouflage, is killed by Macduff, who was drawn early from his mother’s womb.

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