James Mason in 'Odd Man Out'. Courtesy GDF
Hour: 7PM

Directed by

Carol Reed

From the Novel by

F.L. Green


F.L. Green
R. C. Sherriff


Robert Krasker


Fergus McDonell

Production Designer

Ralph W. Brinton

Special Effects

Stanley Grant
Bill Warrington


William Alwyn


Desmond Dew
Sash Fisher

Main Cast

James Mason
Robert Newton
Cyril Cusack
Kathleen Ryan
F. J. McCormick
William Hartnell
Fay Compton
Robert Beatty


Two Cities Films

Great Britain 1947
35mm, B/N (DCP)


Original English version with Italian subtitles

World Sales

Park Circus Limited


Johnny McQueen, the head of a clandestine political organization in Ulster, robs a business, killing an employee during a scuffle and being seriously wounded in return. Hounded by the police and abandoned by his companions, he tries to escape, dragging himself away in search of help. Very few people are willing to hide him or show any solidarity. He tries to get on a ship with his girlfriend, but the police are hot on his trail. This dramatic chase lasts roughly a dozen hours before Johnny is killed by the police near the port where he was trying to escape. During those same hours, amid a grim, wintery Belfast full of wary police, the escape puts Johnny in contact with a cross-section of humanity, with room for vastly different and contrasting emotions: from hatred to compassion, curiosity, indifference, incomprehension and greed.

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