22 May – 25 Jul 2015

The flexible, multi-functional spaces of the Cinema host “Roman Polanski: My Inspirations”, a 2015 documentary interview by Laurent Bouzereau presented for the first time ever to the public on this occasion and accompanied by a selection of films. The filmmaker Roman Polanski conducts a voyage down memory lane from his first encounters with the filming, lights and illusions of cinema, evoking emotions that have remained with him over the years.

Starting from his experiences in the theater, the filmmaker identifies a series of films that helped forge his fantasy, and which create a range of models to draw upon, as well as formal solutions he can appropriate. Polanski describes the way in which his experience as a spectator lies at the origin of archetypes that have become constant points-of-reference in his work as a cineaste.

For the filmmaker, the choice of addressing these themes became an occasion to trace his creative path, driven by a desire to help fostering the understanding of the films that he has created and share with the general public his passion for masterpieces of the past that risk being forgotten today.

Over the course of the interview, the director provides new possible interpretations of his films and sheds light on a network of correspondences and unexpected similarities.


In addition to the documentary, the program for ‘Roman Polanski: My Inspirations’ includes a series of screenings of the filmmaker’s films, shown together with the movies that inspired them, for example Citizen Kane (1941, Orson Welles) with Rosemary’s Baby (1968); Odd Man Out (1947, Carol Reed) with The Pianist (2002) and The Fearless Vampire Killers (1967); or 8 ½ (1963, Federico Fellini) together with Cul-de-sac (1966).

The festival has been realized in collaboration with British Film Institute: Fleur Buckley, Rod Rhule; Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia–Cineteca Nazionale: Emiliano Morreale, Laura Argento, Antonella Felicioni; Filmoteka Narodowa: Tadeusz Kowalski, Paweł Łuczyn´ ski; Hollywood Classics: Julia Kelly; Lobster Films: Maria Chiba; Łódz´ Film School: Dariusz Duz. yn´ ski; Paramount Pictures: Andrea Kalas, Larry McCallister; Park Circus: Nick Varley, Phil Kennedy; Pathé Distribution: Elodie Dupont; RP Productions: Françoise Piraud; Rti: Rosaria Ventura; Tamasa: Laurence Berbon.

The screenings will run from Friday 22 May to Saturday 25 July 2015.

Admission is free. Booking is required by calling +39 0256662613, every day from noon to 5pm. A maximum of 2 seats per screening can be reserved. Bookings can only be made for the current week. It is not possible to choose your seats, which are assigned on a first-come first-served basis. Admission tickets must be collected at the reception desk of the Nord gallery within 15 minutes from the beginning of chosen screening.

Screening Schedule