Roman Polanski. Courtesy Guy Ferrandis
Hour: 6.30PM

Directed by

Laurent Bouzereau


Kevin Laot


Andy Cohen


Alexandre Desplat


Roman Polanski


Fondazione Prada, RP Productions. Hi Production


Original English language version with Italian subtitles


From the stage where he shot his last film Venus in Furs (2013), Roman Polanski tells us about the impact some films seen as a young man have had on his creative universe. Admiring and analyzing the actors, the director’s choices, the narrative and the atmosphere of those films created an extremely rich and fertile reservoir of ideas and suggestions that Polanski has continued to draw on throughout his career when creating his own movies. It is an ideal dialogue between master cinematographers as they explore suggestive and subtle connections between film masterpieces from different eras. Laurent Bouzereau (1962) is one of the most important directors of cinema documentaries, and colla- borates regularly with the most important American production and distribution companies. His many documentaries include in-depth looks at the work of Alfred Hitchcock, Brian De Palma, Steven Spielberg and Hayao Miyazaki.

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