24 Aug – 16 Sep 2015

SPIRITI is an art project by Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine commissioned by Fondazione Prada. In reference to Fondazione Prada new Milan venue’s history—a former distillery dating back to the 1910’s— it distils the last month of completion of the compound into a collection of 15 video fragments.

From the chaos and dust of the construction process, these 15 scenes try to extract the ‘angels’ share’ – those volatile substances which disappear during the ageing of a spirit in the barrel – in order to render the intangible sense of the spaces and preserve this transitory state of the site, which every day, through the progression of completion, evaporates.

Daily screenings of SPIRITI are held at the Cinema of Fondazione Prada from 24 August to 16 September 2015 at noon and at 6pm.