Stan VanDerBeek - Skullduggery, 1960. Courtesy The Film-Makers' Cooperative/The New American Cinema Group, lnc.
Hour: 18.30

Roundtable hosted by Germano Celant in conversation with Adriano Aprà, Tonino De Bernardi, Pia De Silvestris Vergine and Ugo Nespolo, during which the cultural climate of Turin in 1967 will be discussed.

The Turinese festival was conceived by Jonas Mekas, a theorist and supporter since 1955 of an artistic notion of cinema, as wells the creator of “rough, unpolished, but alive” films. The screenings were promoted by the Unione Culturale di Torino, directed by critic Edoardo Fadini, who greatly contributed to the artistic scene in Turin at the time by involving major cultural personalities such as Roland Barthes, Julian Beck, Carmelo Bene, Luciano Berio, Judith Malina and Edoardo Sanguineti in its initiatives. From 13 to 21 May 1967, the screenings of 63 films, grouped in 13 programs, were accompanied by talks coordinated by figures such as Mekas and Fernanda Pivano. The Italian translator and scholar, deeply involved in the circulation of American underground culture, described this experience as the “the most cutting-edge event” of those years.

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