Nastassja Kinski in 'Tess'. Courtesy Pathé Distribution
Hour: 7PM

Directed by

Roman Polanski

From the Book

Tess of the d’Urbervilles
by Thomas Hardy


John Brownjohn
Roman Polanski
Gérard Brach


Ghislain Cloquet
Geoffrey Unsworth


Alastair McIntyre
Tom Priestley

Production Designer

Pierre Guffroy
Jack Stephens

Costume Designer

Anthony Powell

Special Effects

Frederic Moreau
Philippe Tourret


Philippe Sarde


Jean-Pierre Ruh

Main Cast

Nastassja Kinski
Peter Firth
Leigh Lawson
John Collin
Rosemary Martin
Carolyn Pickles
Richard Pearson
Pascale de Boysson
Suzanna Hamilton


Renn-Productions, Burill Production

France, Great Britain
35mm, COL. (DCP – restored by Pathé in 2012)


Original english language version with Italian subtitles

World Sales

Pathé Distribution


Young Tess finds out from her father that their humble family descends from the noble D’Ubervilles family. She is sent by her parents to try and gain some advantage from her birthright from the actual D’Urbervilles family – nouveau riches from another part of the country who purchased the D’Urbervilles name in order to look more respectable. Tess is hired to look after chickens, has an affair with Alec Stoke and winds up pregnant. She returns home to hide her pregnancy, but the child dies soon after he is born. Tess returns to work as a milkmaid and falls in love with Angel, the rebellious son of a local pastor.
She becomes Angel’s wife, but he rejects her after she tells him her full story. Miserable, Tess resigns herself to being Alec’s lover, but when Angel returns to take her back, she kills Alec and escapes with her husband, only to be arrested and hanged.

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