“We will tell you a story of noises today, a story that has ears for eyes, a story to listen, to hear…” With these words Marco Ferro and Valeria Sacco of the theatre company Riserva Canini introduced the show that concluded their workshop “The language of sound: the symphony of the forest”.
Children and adults were called to close their eyes and cross a landscape made of noises created by the two actors and the public manipulating or shaking everyday objects such as a sheet of paper or a layer of nylon or sounds produced by improvised musical instruments such as whistles, or small percussion instruments. The partecipants of Accademia dei bambini learned to listen to the silence and the different sounds of the forest, such as the wind in the leaves, the squeaking of the deer, the light footsteps of ants, the croaking of frogs, but above all to recognize the quiet but constant rhythm of their emotions.