Within the cycle of workshops “SEGNI – TRACCE – SCRITTURE” four “masters” (Chen Li, Claude Marzotto, Maia Sambonet and Massimo Sirelli) confront each other in a dialogue on sign, starting from their creative fields: calligraphy, writing, art, design, graphics, craftsmanship and the world of robots. Even if in their practices they use different tools, what they have in common, as stated by the calligrapher and artist Chen Li, is the attention to experimentation, the study of the sign intended “as the principle of everything and as a trace”, to use the words of Claude Marzotto and Maia Sambonet. Everyone is attracted by the gesture, by “a movement that cannot lie, but that reveals”. For Massimo Sirelli “the sign also expresses the need to recognize oneself, but at the same time not to be there”. The video explores the dexterity, thoughts and creativity of these four “masters of sign”, who never stop learning.